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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Olive Branch, 1/19/11

Accent on Worship

Out of the Ordinary

We are now in the first of our two seasons of the Church Year we call Ordinary Time, and I am so glad to welcome it. In fact, because Easter is as late as it can be, we have the longest Epiphany season I’ve ever experienced as a pastor. This is a good thing. These first months as your pastor have been, as I shared with the Vestry in December, a whirlwind – from installation to festival after festival, to Advent, and then the Christmas season concluding in Epiphany. It feels like a blessing to me to have seven green Sundays between Baptism of Our Lord and the Transfiguration. I welcome the steady pace of a green season as I am feeling more and more settled as your pastor. It is also a chance to enjoy and be fed by a good period of ordinariness before Lent begins. Festivals and festival seasons are a delight, but we need our regular, steady times as well. It’s sort of like food – we cannot eat rich chocolate and desserts all the time. We need some good, solid bread and meat and cheese, too.
Yet, of course, there is nothing ordinary about Ordinary Time, either. In this steady, ordinary season we still are met by extraordinary things: God’s grace pours out on us as surely on a green Sunday as a white. We are fed at the Table of Life, we hear God’s Word of blessing and challenge, we are surrounded by music which leads us to God’s love. We see the face of Christ in each other’s faces as we meet to worship, and as we are with each other before and afterward. There’s never anything ordinary about what God does for us in worship, thanks be to God.
So welcome, Ordinary Time, yet not so ordinary. May God’s light which we celebrate this season of Epiphany fill our hearts that we might shine God’s extraordinary love into the world.

- Pr. Joseph Crippen

Sunday Readings

January 23, 2011 – Third Sunday after Epiphany
Isaiah 9:1-4 + Psalm 27:1, 4-9
I Corinthians 1:10-18 + Matthew 4:12-23

January 30, 2011 – Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Micah 6:1-8 + Psalm 15
I Corinthians 1:18-31+ Matthew 5:1-12

Sign Up for Altar Flowers

The Altar Flowers Chart for 2011 is now posted in the church office. If you would like to sign up to provide flowers for worship to commemorate a special day, in memory of a loved one, in honor of a special event, or simply to help beautify our sanctuary for worship, please sign up on the chart for the date you want, and be sure to include your designation. The cost of the altar flowers this year is $45 a Sunday for two bouquets. You may sign up to purchase both bouquets by signing on both lines, or purchase just one bouquet by signing on only one line.
And while you are signing up for Altar Flowers, you may also wish to sign up to host a Sunday coffee hour. The coffee hour sign-up sheet is right next to the Altar Flowers chart, in the church office.

Flavors of the South

Chase the chills and enjoy foods of the South in a Southern atmosphere! Come to the MONAC brunch this Sunday, January 23. This brunch will be held in the Undercroft following the second liturgy.
As this is a fundraiser for MONAC (Mount Olive Neighborhood Action Committee), tickets will be sold for the event, between and after Sunday liturgies for the next couple of weeks. Tickets are available at the door for $14 for adults; $7 for children age 5 to 12. Children under 5 are free. Y'all come!

The Presentation of Our Lord
Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Holy Eucharist at 7:00 p.m.

Walking Humbly

All are invited to attend the 6th annual RIC (Reconciling in Christ) Festival Worship, “Walking Humbly – The Journey Together.”
The service will take place on Saturday, January 29, at 5:00 p.m. at Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer
(5440 Penn Ave. South, Minneapolis). Brenda Froisland from Edina Community Lutheran Church will preach at this service and a light supper and rich fellowship will follow the service.

Wish List Update

Many thanks to all who have donated items on the Mount Olive Wish List! The new banner stands are already in use, and many of you can take a gander at the Godly Play items that have been donated by asking Diana Hellerman for a Godly Play tour. For those who have donated furniture, you'll start seeing our newly reconfigured rooms look a bit fuller and more purposeful. Five of the new guest chairs have been delivered and may be used interchangeably in the West Reception area, Chapel Lounge, and office areas. The second sofa has been delivered and it now allows for two ample and comfortable seating areas in the West Reception area. Three of the stack meeting chairs have been delivered and can be seen in the East Assembly room, and will be used during meetings. It's clear that these upholstered chairs will look more permanent and be a bit more comfortable than the folding chairs we have in there now. A reception desk is now in place in the West Reception area and can be used by various committees and groups for after-service sales and reminders of upcoming events. Of course, our new rooms will only look as polished as donations allow. So, if you are still considering a donation to Mount Olive via the Wish List, over and above your weekly offering, please take a look at the list, which is located on the bulletin board just inside the church office. Add your name next to the item you wish to donate, along with your contact phone number. You will be contacted regarding full price for the object and how to designate your check.
Thanks for all of your donations thus far!
- Brian Jacobs, Wish List Coordinator

With Our Thanks

Many thanks to you, the generous members and friends of Mount Olive, who have supported us in our mutual ministries. We deeply appreciate the gifts of money we received for Christmas, and we look forward to another year of service with you as we all do God’s work together.
- Mount Olive Church Staff

Highlights From the Vestry Meeting

The Vestry met on January 10th for its first meeting of 2011. Pastor Crippen reported that the ad hoc committee to discuss a future Staff Support Committee will meet on January 13th. The Staff Support Committee is part of the bylaws and has been inactive for a number of years.
Gary Flatgard reported his findings regarding the South Minneapolis Meals on Wheels Program, and made suggestions. Based upon his report the Vestry decided to sever ties with this particular program, due to anomalous budget concerns as had been proposed in September 2010. The Vestry encouraged the Neighborhood Ministries Committee to seek ties to other meal delivery programs in South Minneapolis.
A finalized proposed resolution of the Joint Peace with Justice Committee of the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area Synods was given to Vestry members for their consideration. Discussion to support this resolution at this Synod gathering this year will be held at the February meeting.
Pastor Crippen plans to issue a report concerning the internship program at Mount Olive at February's Vestry meeting. It is hoped, in light of moving ahead with the internship program this fall, that all Mount Olive members will have a clear vision of what the internship program is, how the internship committee is formed and involved, and what value Mount Olive's program has to our congregation, the seminary, the synod and the church at large.
Diana Hellerman and Carol Austermann treated us to an example of a recent Godly Play class about baptism. The Vestry was able to see firsthand the excitement they both have for the program and the wonderful materials and facilities we now have for the Godly Play Sunday School program.
Paul Schadewald discussed moving the Taste of Chile event to a Sunday in Lent or into the Summer. He also discussed at length the goals and criteria his committee has in supporting active global missions.
David Molvik and Pastor Crippen reported that our new sexton is carrying out his duties excellently and proactively. Both feel he is the right person for the job. He has been on duty since December 29th. David also discussed COAM's use of a basement office, as well as our need for an active security system.
Paul Odlaug reported that Mike Edwins has begun training as the new Financial Secretary. John Meyer will hand over the duties when he and Mike feel Mike is fully prepared. The position is expected to be temporary while the Vestry considers all aspects of the position and the counter program. The Vestry is most grateful for John Meyer's years of service in this capacity.
Irene Campbell reported that the youth Christmas flower sale went well.
Paul Sundquist offered his monthly treasurer’s report. The books have been closed for 2010 and he is in the process of paying down debt and cleaning up restricted accounts. Although December saw an increase year-over-year on giving, we are still down substantially in giving from 2009 to 2010.
Brian Jacobs stated that the Wish List has some tangible proof that it is working, considering the rather large shipment of several furniture items, banner stands, and Godly Play items that are all now in use.
The Vestry will consider the visioning process, nominating committee, auditing committee, more committee goals and objectives, and Conference on Liturgy reflections at the February meeting.

Brian E. Jacobs, Vice President

Book Discussion Group’s Upcoming Reads

For its meeting on February 12 the book group will discuss Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford, and for the March 12 meeting, The River of Doubt by Candice Millard.

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